Windows + OpenSolaris + CentOS Installation Guide

Subhasish Ghosh

sghosh.oxon at yahoo dot co dot uk

Version: v2.0

Last updated: June 9, 2009

Revision History:

This document exemplifies how three different operating systems (OSes) could be installed and configured on a single hard disk. The reader may choose from: Microsoft Windows NT/2K/XP + OpenSolaris 2008.11 + CentOS 5.2. Only x86 & x86-compatible architecture multi-booting is discussed and GNU GRUB is the boot loader of choice. Drop an email at sghosh.oxon at yahoo dot co dot uk in case of queries/questions/comments. Thanks!

1. Introduction

     1.1 Purpose of this Guide
     1.2 What is Multiple-booting?
     1.3 Multi-booting Pros and Cons
     1.4 List of Assumptions
     1.5 Acknowledgements
     1.6 Legalese
     1.7 About the Author

2. FAQ

3. Organization

     3.1 Chapter 1: About the Operating Systems
     3.2 Chapter 2: Installing Microsoft Windows
     3.3 Chapter 3: Installing OpenSolaris
     3.4 Chapter 4: Installing CentOS
     3.5 Chapter 5: Configuring a Tri-boot with GRUB

4. Conclusion