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Applications, Tools and Utilities:


Installation, Upgrading and Administration:


Programming Languages:



X Windows and Window Managers:

  • LinPopUp, an Xwindow port of Winpopup that runs over Samba. It communicates with a Windows computer that runs Winpopup.
  •, has everything you ever wanted to find that relates to themes.
  • wxWindows/GTK, the version of wxWindows for the GTK.
  • The Unix Desktop Environment, a GUI window manager.

Software Archives, Search Engines, Linux Watchers:

Online Services:

  • InterBoard, a threaded discussion system to provide a structured, searchable Q&A area for linux newbies and pros.
  •, an online Linux users group for people interested in learning more about Linux, providing help to other Linuxers, and promoting Linux.
  • Linux Support Services, a free volunteer-staffed technical support service.
  • The Linux Buyers Guide, lists where to buy Linux distributions and products, as well as who has good prices.
  • SearchLinux, a personal Linux help desk site for individuals.
  • Linux Links by Goob, has a lot of Linux software links.
  • The Linux Resource Exchange, has some interesting kernel patches, links to documentation, mailing lists and various other links.
  •, dedicated to the enrichment and enhancement of the Linux and *BSD operating systems. Aim to help everyone who is using or wants to use a Free/Open Source Operating System from beginners to gurus.

Open Source:

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