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Business and Commercial Resources:

  • ITtoolbox Portal, Content, community, and service for Linux professionals. Providing technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and much more.
  • Linux in Business, such as mission-critical applications, industry and government.
  • Linux Enterprise Computing is a great page of resources for Linux in business, commercial, and enterprise settings.
  • Linux Ports, a site for Linux professionals and companies.
  • Red Hat support has lots of information.

Documentation and Tips:

General Linux Resources:

New Users and Help Sites:

  • Control-Escape, a site dedicated to the "Absolute Beginner", especially those migrating from Windows.
  • Leminator, Linux administration for new users, news and links.
  •, maintains the Newbie's Linux Manual, and a weekly Linux newsletter.
  • Linux Power, German site dedicated to beginners; a lot of very useful Workshops. Your first questions about Linux may be answered in our FAQ. Our Forum/Board-Members will try to help you with any problem you encounter. The official German MandrakeUser-Forum.
  •, a help and information site for all new and experienced Linux users.
  •, a free Linux forum where newbies can ask questions and Linux experts can offer advice.
  •, Devoted to helping Linux users help themselves. Provides categorized, indexed and searchable help files and forums on a myriad of Linux topics.
  • tuXfiles, the Linux newbie help files. Provides tips, tutorials and links for the new Linux users, as well as some not-so-serious Linux ANTI help.
  •, dedicated to the enrichment and enhancement of the Linux and *BSD operating systems.

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